Favorite Projects

Open-Source Projects

  • CloudCustodian
    • Rules engine for cloud fleet management and governance, DSL in yaml for policies to query, filter, and take actions on resources. Contributed to Azure plugin.
      • See my contributions here
  • Java SDK for Azure KeyVault
    • Worked with team at Microsoft to implement Enhanced KeyVault with encrypted body of HTTP requests

Side Projects

  • Learn It Your Way
    • Using Python Flask, I wanted to create a simple web API that allows users to upload a dataset, choose one or more models, store them server side, and then hit an endpoint to get a prediction.
  • PomoSphero
    • Desktop application for using Sphero 2.0 robot as Pomodoro timer. Robot starts as green and slowly fades to red as time is about to expire, then shakes violently when the time is up.
  • AskD
    • My mother-in-law told me that she wanted a program to organize her filing cabinet of documents where each document had its own index. The documents also could have categories, keywords, titles, authors and other features. I implemented this lightweight desktop application in Java to quickly search by any of those attributes. She gave it the name AskD in honor of her own name.
  • Hackathon API
    • Intended to be a REST API to support a University Hackathon (HackTheU at the University of Utah). Handles check-ins, check-outs, hardware rentals, team organization, etc.
  • Other Side Projects
    • Collection of other side projects I have worked on/started in the past.

School Projects

  • NBA Positional Clustering
    • Data retrieval and unsupervised clustering of NBA player statistics to identify a player’s “true position”
  • Real Estate Prediction
    • Using area metrics and crime data, predict median value per square foot of zip code.
  • Wikipedia Question Answering
    • I wanted to create a question answerer for Wikipedia articles. This project reads articles and responds to a set of questions, getting 31% accuracy on the test set of questions
  • Other School Projects
    • Collection of other projects and homework completed in my time at the University of Utah